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Gas Appliances, Stoves, Heaters, & Lamps

Gas Appliances

All cabins in Alpine have gas stoves and heaters. Cabins that do not have electric service have built in gas lanterns. For safety purposes, only adults should light or operate gas appliances. Please follow these operating instructions carefully. Please feel free to contact the Visitor’s Center if you need assistance with any gas appliance.

Please immediately report the smell of gas or problems with any gas appliance to the Ranger in the Visitor’s Center. 


The stoves in Alpine do not have pilot lights and will require the use of a match to light the burner each time you use it.
To light a burner, light a match, hold the match to the side of the burner, and then turn the gas knob to high. When the burner lights, turn to the desired level. To turn the burner off, turn knob to the “Off” position.

Gas lamps

All cabins that do not have electric service will be equipped with built-in gas lamps. These gas lamps require a mantle designed for use with this type of lamp. Use of standard lantern mantles will result in damage to the globe. Cabin mantles are available in the trading post. The gas valve is located on the top left side of the lamp. To light the lamp, hold a lit match under the mantle and push the handle of the gas valve in slightly and turn up slowly. The lamp will light. To shut the lamp off, push the gas valve handle in slightly and turn handle down until it locks in the “Off” position.

To install a new mantle, make sure the lamp is off and cool. Remove glass globe by squeezing clips on the front of the globe; remove any parts of the old mantle remaining on the lamp. Tie the new mantle onto the lamp. Cut off any extra string. With the gas valve off, light the new mantle with a match, let the mantle burn and smolder until out. Do not touch the mantle after you have burned it off, it will break if touched. Replace the globe and follow lighting instructions above.

Gas Heaters

There are two types of cabin heaters in Alpine: non-electric cabins have standing pilot heaters; cabins that have electric have electronic ignition heaters. Identify the type of heater you have and follow the following directions.

Electronic Ignition Heaters

You will need to locate two items within the cabin to operate this heating system (both are well marked): the thermostat and a red switch marked “emergency shut off”. Locate the emergency shut off switch, turn to the “On” position, locate the thermostat and set to desired temp. To shut off the electronic ignition heaters, turn red emergency switch to “Off”.

Standing Pilot Heaters

These heating units will require you to light the pilot before the heater will operate. All heaters are equipped with safety devices that will not allow the gas to flow to the main burner if the pilot is not lit.

The control units are located behind a door at the bottom of the heater. The control units will have two knobs on them, one a thermostat and the second a gas valve. The thermostat will be marked either “low, med & high” or “1 through 9.” The gas valve will be marked “off, pilot & on.”

To light the pilot, locate the pilot burner by following a small silver gas line, which comes off the side of the gas control, the pilot burner is located at the end of this silver line. Turn the gas valve to the pilot position, light a match, hold the lit match under the pilot burner, push down on the gas valve handle, the pilot will light, continue to hold the gas valve handle down for 30 to 60 seconds, let off the gas valve handle, the pilot should stay lit. If the pilot does not stay lit start over, hold the gas valve handle down longer (if it does not stay lit after three tries notify the Ranger in the Visitor’s Center, a Ranger will assist you in lighting the pilot).

To turn the heat on, make sure the pilot is lit. Turn the gas valve handle to the ”On” position. Set the thermostat knob to 5 or med. Once the cabin reaches the desired temperature, adjust the thermostat knob up or down, as needed.

To turn heat off, turn gas valve handle to pilot. This will leave the pilot burner on, enabling you to turn the heater on quickly without re-lighting the pilot.

To shut down heater, turn gas valve handle to pilot position, depress slightly, and turn to ”Off” position. When checking out of cabin, heaters should be left in this position.

Please do not attempt to repair or alter any gas appliances. If you have any problems, please contact your Campmaster or report problem to a Ranger at the Visitor’s Center. Any gas problems will be dealt with immediately.

Note: When using the gas appliances, you will be responsible to pay for gas used during your stay.  Please use the thermostats on the heaters, reduce them to a comfortable level. We recommend you turn your heaters down or off during the day to help minimize the gas usage. Please feel free to ask a Ranger for additional gas saving ideas.